Support Cell for Rape Victims

Contemporary Indian Women face diverse challenges… As a Nation, it is time, we wake up to the compelling need for empowering them, making each one of them independent in their own right, completely capable of leading the lives they choose to lead and making the choices they choose to make.

Individually, I am sure, most of us deeply appreciate the centrality of women in our lives and in the foundation of our socio-economic strength, yet as a society we continue to miserably fail in providing a sound support structure for their protection and well being. Every day, by the minute, across the length and breadth of our Nation, women continue to face deep seated discrimination and assaults of various kinds. On the one hand, underprivileged pockets, it may be argued, have limited resources to bring this change. On the other, on most occasions I assume this topic is just reduced to a conversation over a cup of coffee, which is soon forgotten. If each one of us had done enough, we surely wouldn’t have faced the unfortunate plight that is staring right into our face today. Every year approximately 24,000 rapes happen across India. This is truly a shocking statistics, for a country in which respect for women has been valued above other virtues, many will agree.

I’ve always believed in the true spirit of Mahatama’s words ‘Be the Change you want to see’, so I consider it my duty to walk the talk and take constructive steps towards making a significant contribution in the lives of women facing atrocities. I am happy to share with you that my social arm, The KD Singh Foundation, has launched a three-point programme to provide comprehensive support to ALL rape victims across Haryana, to begin with. Our support is extended across the below lines
Intervention 1: Medical Support
Intervention 2: Legal Support
Intervention 3: Rehabilitation Support

I urge you to spread the word and support us in this endeavour. If you come across any news or piece of information regarding any women being sexually assaulted or raped in Haryana, kindly give us a call at 09560133232 at any time of the day or night…we are ready to support and MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

2 Responses to “Support Cell for Rape Victims”
  1. K Singh says:

    Great Initiative Dr. Singh….Our support is with you

  2. Manish Mukherjee says:

    This is a excellent initiative by Sir K D SIngh of Alchemist group of companies. I am associate with this organisation since long. Hope any support in this regard will be highly appreciable for building a golden tomorrow for our nation. Any assistance for medical, legal and rehabilitation my end ready to serve for this purpose. Excellent Marvelous Impressive and Proudly achievement in future, Manish K Mukherjee 09830591098 Kolkata

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