I Truly Believe in the Power of our Youth…


In the state of Haryana youth has been kept at bay from the corridors of Power and Politics, owing to the vested interests of the major ruling parties, to say the least. At this forum, with hesitation, I would refrain from dropping names of leaders and their families entwined in the ropes of nepotism; who have done nothing else but promoted the network of their friends and families at every possible opportunity.

I would straight come to the pivotal question of the ‘Role of Youth in Nation Building’. Our youth today constitutes a large quantum of our population (above 70%); much higher than most developed economies. Owing to this huge proportion coupled with a certain level of education and skill, India’s youth, on occasions more than one, have been termed as ‘Demographic Dividend’. However, if the establishment doesn’t engage the youth in a meaningful way, for example in Haryana, I am afraid, this dividend will transform into a bane. From a quick appreciation of Haryana it is discernible that unemployment among youth is rampant, level of education is also not too encouraging coupled with no improvement in dedicated centres for skill development. And the result is conspicuous… Haryana is not able to benefit from its Demographic Dividend… youth has almost no stake in the government, as a result, no influence on their own future. This increasing disenfranchisement caused by the marginalising attitude of the ruling government in Haryana would turn the youth away from the critical issue of bringing development in the state of Haryana and the country at large.

While I do not undermine the experience of seniors of the state, both in politics and otherwise, but I maintain that change can be ushered in by our youth. I wish to see a day when not only our youth spearheads this wave of change, but also crests it. I truly believe in the manifestation of our dreams into reality, I believe in walking the talk, consequently, with a firm belief in the philosophy of “Youth Power”, I am delighted to share with you that we’ve decided to give 60 PERCENT OF TICKETS to the youth in the upcoming elections in Haryana. This is unheard and unprecedented… We truly believe that Change is Imminent as we stand committed to the cause of Nation Building.

Jai Hind.


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