OUR COMMITMENT IS OUR INSPIRATION – Comprehensive Medical Support to a Rape Victim

I feel utterly saddened by cruelty meted out to women of this country… It is a benumbing problem; I want to do something away from the rigmarole of protests, allegations and counter-allegations by the policymakers so that some worthwhile action is taken at the ground level.

We are geared to battle the abuse of women rights by ensuring that the guilty are punished. It is imperative for just and civil society that the women can move around the streets without any fear and give their much-valued contribution – socially as well as economically.

To curb proliferation of attack on women, I conceived a plan which I announced on April 14, 2013 at a rally in Kurukshetra. I have incorporated K D Singh Foundation to give action to this plan. Under this foundation, a “Support Cell for Rape Victims” has been established.

In our bid to be prompt in our approach and action, we have released a helpline number — 9560133 232 — on which a rape victim or her kin can call anytime and seek any kind of help — medical, legal and/ or rehabilitational. K D Singh Foundation will bear all the costs of aforementioned support.

In a very short time of its operation, we have started receiving “calls for help”.

One such call was made by a resident of Panipat district’s Sithana village.

A 14-year-old girl of his family was raped in September 2012 by a neighbour on the terrace of a building and was pushed from there in an attempt to silence her forever.

Luckily, she survived the fatal attack, but her backbone broke and the grievous injury left her lower body paralysed.

A police complaint and a follow-up FIR was filed in January this year in the case but the accused is still at large. When all options ran out for the family, they saw a glimmer of hope in K D Singh Foundation.

With mere one call made to our “Support Cell for Rape Victims” on helpline number by the victim’s family, our team immediately reached Panipat and promised medical all support to the victim. The victim was soon brought from Panipat and was admitted to a state-of-the-art private hospital in Gurgaon for the treatment. With dedicated support of K D Singh Foundation, within 48 hours of Surgery the doctors successfully brought life back to the girl’s lower body. The foundation bore the cost of surgery and all other miscellaneous medical expenses.

The girl is currently on physiotherapy and she is now recovering fast but it will take some time before she can lead a normal life.

It has been nine months since the tragedy struck the minor girl but the perpetrator is still evading arrest. In wake of this, the foundation has appointed a qualified lawyer so that the victim can be represented in all fairness in the court of law and the guilty can be brought to book as soon as possible. OUR COMMITMENT IS OUR INSPIRATION……….Jai Hind!!


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