WE WILL BE THE CHANGE – KD Singh Foundation , Harbinger of Social Change

In the past 60 days, nearly 25 rapes victims have been supported by KDSinghFoundation. Out of these cases, a majority of the victims and their kin had approached us on our helpline number     9560 133232.

The foundation has provided generous support through its three-tier programme: medical, legal and rehabilitational care.

Time is ripe to  self-evaluate our performance and explore possible measures to mitigate the growing number of attacks on women.

In a short period of running the movement, we have faced a considerable number of challenges but an unwavering hope of change kept us going forward. Even in the most challenging circumstances, we are committed to comprehensively support the beleaguered rape victims. Our efforts have started bearing fruits to an extent that one can  perceive of KDSinghFoundation as harbinger of social change brewing in the state of Haryana.

Today, most of the families of rape victims are with KDSinghFoundation in our endeavour to create a stronger, safer and better society for women.

With this overwhelming support, comes greater responsibility. So we set out to assess our first step in the direction of women empowerment, to search for answers to the following pertinent questions:

*What do the sexual assault victims and their families objectively expect from KDSinghFoundation?

* What effective measures can be taken to curb the rising number of rape cases and attacks on women?

*To bring a social consciousness, what all steps should be taken and how can those be implemented?

Several such questions were discussed by the team members in great detail in our periodic brainstorming sessions.

This is a small step towards building a better future of this country, for which, one day I hope hundreds of thousands of countrymen and women will come forward, join our hands and with their support, we aim to build a safe society for all.  WE WILL BE THE CHANGE….JAI HIND!!!

2 Responses to “WE WILL BE THE CHANGE – KD Singh Foundation , Harbinger of Social Change”
  1. Sonu Rawal says:

    i like most kd singh foundation bcoz in india have largest population are poor and those help the poor i like it and with us.i joining TMC at 21st AUG at that day your birth day and party sthapna day

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