Life to another young innocent Rape victim

“The guilty should be severely punished and the victim should be immediately rehabilitated”, my team said when they came across another rape case in Sonipat, Haryana and I told them, “If at the moment, we can’t stop these rape cases, Let’s do whatever it takes to get the girl rehabilitated” which motivated me and my team to do every possible effort to save her life.


This is a case of 16-year-old girl, known for her enthusiasm, optimism, and liveliness. It took one night and one man’s despicable act to bring everything down to shambles and leave the victim and her family desolated.

Lost smiles and dead hopes were soon restored when the news reached KD Singh Foundation. The foundation immediately reached the spot and promised to do whatever it takes to bring back the lost hope in victim’s life.


On June 16th night, the girl was brutally raped by her maternal uncle. The traumatized adolescent was eventually, tortured and scrutinized by the panchayat with series of event related discussions. Sensing the victim’s father’s agony, a neighbor suggested KD Singh foundation’s helpline number.  Just one call to our “Support Cell for Rape Victims” and the team immediately reached Sonipat to support the victim’s family.


The Foundation’s team immediately brought the victim to Gurgaon and admitted to a state-of-the-art private hospital for the treatment. I am happy to share, with dedicated support of our Foundation; the girl’s condition is getting better with each passing day. KD Singh Foundation bore the cost of treatment and all other expenses.


An FIR against her uncle has been lodged and the Foundation has appointed a lawyer for the victim for dedicated legal support and expedition of fair trial. In addition, KD Singh Foundation has promised comprehensive educational support for the victim.


I rest my pride in my team, for their dedication once again saves another life….OUR COMMITMENT IS OUR INSPIRATION……….Jai Hind!!


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