Farmers Deserve to get their Land Back……After all, they are its Rightful Owners

For the economic development of Haryana, a policy of special economic zone (SEZ) was introduced by the State Government under the Haryana SEZ Act 2005. Under this policy, I am sure, most would be aware that vast tracts of land were acquired from hundreds of farmers by the government in return of Rs 21 lakh per acre. Even though the farmers were dejected at losing their prized possessions, they agreed to sell their properties for the sake of state’s development. I deeply respect their spirit of sacrifice and putting the State First.

However, today we are witnessing a very sad phase in the history of our state……our brothers….our farmers Stand Betrayed. They have been cheated by the same government, the same leaders who had promised them a better tomorrow, a better Haryana. Various SEZs have been de-notified; consequently the farmers should get their land back. However, this is not happening.
I argue, now since various SEZs have been de-notified, the government should return the land to its rightful owners, and the Chief Minister should ensure that each and every farmer gets his land back. Farmers want their lands which were acquired by the government at the rate of Rs 21 lakh per acre. However, as far as I know the current State Government, I am pretty sure they would do everything, but for returning the land to its original owner. Instead, they would try and make profits from it by partnering with private builders, as the price of similar land in the region today is in the range of Rs. 5.0 crores.
At this moment of need, I want to express solidarity with the farmers and I wish to say that If I get an opportunity to serve the people of Haryana, I promise to ensure the return of each and every piece of land acquired under the SEZ policy to its rightful owner — farmer.
Jai Hind!!

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