Our society is REGRESSING, is DEGENERATING….these are the thoughts that occupy my mind space when I, as a part of the #KDSinghFoundation’s Support Cell for Rape Victims, witness  gruesome cases day after day. I am compelled to question the underpinning layers of this crime: “What renders one to behave in such sadistic and barbaric way?” I am a diehard optimistic individual, and I hope that with my team KDSinghFoundation, I have set out on a journey to unfold the conundrum of this abominable and heinous crime; a day will arrive when we would be able to minimize the occurrence rate of this crime, if not completely wipe it out. KDSinghFoundation’s noble journey to support victims of rape, I am sure, will help achieve this vision.

Recently, I came across the case of a 4-year-old girl, who was assaulted and was attempted to being raped, but was saved just in time by her mother……FOR GODSAKE…..A 4 YEAR OLD. The case is about a baby girl from a small village in Panipat, Haryana. Despite being safely dropped home from school by her mother, in a window of just 5 minutes, the girl was taken by her neighbor to his house. Neither her innocence, nor her howling stopped the man from indulging in the inhuman act of attempting rape on the 4-year-old. Had the mother not reached in time, the man would have succeeded in his unscrupulous intentions.
Such incidents can enrage any mother, anyone for that matter, beyond imagination. This was where it didn’t end, her anger and frustration witnessed the peak, when her husband recommended her to bury the matter, as the accused party was influential and fighting against them would be an uphill task. Driven by the surge for justice against the ignominious behavior with her daughter, she approached KDSinghFoundation. Once again, as in all the other cases where people approach us for help, within no time my team reached the spot to extend support to the victim and the family. During the process, the team found out that the mother, herself had been a victim of rape in the past and hence, this atrocious act agonizes her beyond limits. At that point in time, her parents chose to keep mum but she didn’t want the same fate for her daughter.  Her commitment for justice and her determination to protect her daughter inspired my team even more.
The same day, KDSinghFoundation team hired a lawyer to support and fight for justice for the victim. We are committed to supporting the girl in this journey of justice and are providing comprehensively for her education.
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