100 days of Women Empowerment

I decided to write this note last night before going to bed, but I was overwhelmed with the thought, that while I plan to write this note there will be many women who will be victimized hour after hour, day after day. My heart is filled with anger and anguish, that on one hand we talk of development, and on the other hand, we are far from being an inclusive society; vulnerability of women. These feelings reinforce my resolve to continue to tread the path of EMPOWERING WOMEN and continue to SERVE OUR NATION. Inspired by these feelings, an initiative by #KDSinghFoundation, the Support Cell for Rape Victims has completed

–      100 days of NATION BUILDING

–      100 days of MAKING A DIFFERENCE

–      100 days of being a HARBINGER OF SOCIAL CHANGE


–      100 days of spreading LOVE to the distressed

–      100 days of SUPPORTING the families of rape victims

–      100 days of TRANSFORMING lives of Rape victims

–      100 days of our MEANINGFUL journey

–      100 days of IMPACT

–      100 days of HOPE to the rape victims

–      100 days of FEAR for those who were threatening women

–      100 days of fighting for JUSTICE

–      100 days of building a team of young passionate people, working day and night towards a NOBLE CAUSE

–      100 days of serving our NATION

–      100 days of serving our Haryana, our India

–      100 days of looking at the world from a different perspective, perspective of MAKING A DIFFERENCE

–      100 days of being family to a STRANGER.

–      100 days of SATISFACTION based on our CONTRIBUTION

–      100 days of providing LEGAL SUPPORT to rape victims

–      100 days of letting you know about SUPPORT we are providing to the innocent rape victims

–      100 days of BEING THE CHANGE

–      100 days of TOUCHING many lives

–      100 days of TRUST

–      100 days of SMILES

–      100 days of PRAYATAN

–      100 days of PRAYERS

–      100 days of PEACE

–      100 days of believing – “when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at… CHANGE”

–      100 days of UNDERSTANDING life beyond living

–      100 days of understandings the PSYCHOSOCIAL UNDERPINNINGS of rape crime

–      100 days of ADOPTING many rape victims

–      100 days of STRENGTH

–      100 days of living the PAIN of a rape victim.

–      100 days of facing THREAT closely

–      100 days of LIVING ON THE EDGE

–      100 days of understanding the ABUSE OF POWER by the resourceful accused

–      100 days of sowing the seeds of HOPE

–      100 days of SUPPORTING others

–      100 days of experiencing the “RIPPLE EFFECTS OF KINDNESS

–      100 days of bringing CHANGE in the lives of rape victims, than just being a mere spectator

–      100 days of receiving love from innocent RAPE VICTIMS

–      100 days of making the victims feel SECURE

–      100 days of mindset evolution

–      100 days of DEDICATION

–      100 days of ENDEARMENT AND EMBRACE

–      100 days of ACTION

–      100 days of REFLECTION

–      100 days of INTROSPECTION

–      100 days of believing in the power of “DO”

–      100 days of CARE

–      100 days of practicing PATIENCE

–      100 days of FAITH and HOPE

–      100 days of meeting STRONG AND INSPIRING WOMEN

–      100 days of EMPOWERING women

–      100 days of STRENGTH dissemination

–      100 days of FORGIVENESS

–      100 days of CELEBRATING life

–      100 days of TOGETHERNESS

–      100 days of TEAM BUILDING

–      100 days of VICTORY

–      100 days of overcoming hatred by LOVE

–      100 days of believing in the power of SELF

–      100 days of believing in the power of LOVE.

–      100 days of working closely with villagers, panchayats and hospital staff

–      100 days of INTERACTING with young rape victims and LEARNING from them

–      100 days of RE-CONSTRUCTING lost innocent smiles

–      100 days of getting phone calls from remote villages on our HELPLINE NUMBER

–      100 days from DEVASTATION to RESTORATION

–      100 days of eliminating BARBARISM

–      100 days of working towards SOCIETAL INTEGRATION

–      100 days of METAMORPHOSIS from LAID BACK to FIGHT BACK

–      100 days of our COMMITMENT as our INSPIRATION

–      100 days of believing in  #WomenPower

–      100 days of SUPPORT

–      100 days of TEARS and JOY

–      100 days of COMPREHENSIVE support to Rape victims

–      100 days of FIGHTING against the social stigmas against Rape victims

–      100 days of restoring HOPE AND HAPPINESS in survivors

–      100 days of SUPPORTING the rape victim start a new life

–      100 days of understanding mental damage beyond physical damage induced by rape

–      100 days of COUNSELLING the victims at the hours of nightmares

–      100 days of making the rape victim believe that she is needed and will and deserving of LOVE

–      100 days of restoring SELF ESTEEM

–      100 days of supporting the EDUCATION of rape victims

–      100 days of being the HOPE for the families of rape victims

–      100 days of critiquing the thought that “BEAUTY PROVOKES HARASSMENT

–      100 days in believing “ WE WILL BE THE CHANGE

–      100 days of FIGHT against victimizing the victims

–      100 days of being KNOWN to the UNKNOWN

–      100 Days of touching the SOULS of rape victims and make them feel secure

–      100 days of HOLDING HANDS of rape victims

–      100 days from ABANDONMENT to ADOPTION

–      100 days of marching for JUSTICE

–      100 days of PRIDE

–      100 days of STRENGTHENING the vulnerable

–      100 days from VISION to ACTUALIZATION

–      100 days for 100s of years of DEDICATION

–      100 days of NATION BUILDING

–      100 day of nurturing the DIGNITY of women

–      100 days of RESPECT





Jai Hind…..


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