Another Epitome of Barbaric Manifestation

4 minors raped by 8 men in a girls hostel in Jharkhand!!!!!!  The brutality manifests the height of insanity. I would wonder if the perpetrators of such heinous crime are humans or demons? Such barbaric acts compel me to contemplate on what turns these human beings into rapists?


From where do they get the audacity to ruin lives merely to assuage their lechery? Will there ever be an end to this violence? When will we witness a society, wherein women would breathe the air of security and fearlessness?
What is most alarming is the fact that such brutal incidents of rapes and gang rapes have become an order of the day. Every morning, our newspapers are riddled with the stories of rapes, gang rapes, molestations, kidnappings, and murders. What aggravates the situation is the irresponsible attitude of government towards crime against women. It’s unfortunate that the rising rate of crime against women is just another statistics and without much real action to combat the underlying cause.

Out of hundreds of rape cases nationwide, only a few get media attention and thus, prompting the government to make tall promises of taking stern action. But as public pressure subsides and as time rolls on, other soul-stirring cases start taking place in other parts of the country in no time. Such attitude is counterproductive and it compels me to wonder that for how long our system would continue to work like this?


Does our government even care to know the state of a rape victim after the tragedy strikes her, does anyone even try and find out what happens to the victim, how her family reacts to the incident, or whether anyone offers solace to her and to the family.  And quite pertinently, does she get justice or any emotional support?
After the initiation of rape cell by #KDSinghFoundation, I have got a chance to get a peek into the life of a rape victim and witness her suffering from close quarters, a chance to make a difference and to positively impact million lives and a chance to BE THE CHANGE this society demands and certainly deserves….
While we are on our journey of bringing Societal Change, I pray to God to bestow the rape victims in Jharkhand with adequate strength so that they can battle injustice and prove to the world that they are not weak and even a violent act of such magnitude cannot kill their spirits.


Jai Hind!!!!


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