Hope is Still Alive

The Dichotomy of Trust: Sometimes even close family member refuses help, while a stranger comes forward to lend a helping hand in the time of adversity.

With  #KDSinghFoundation’s rape cell, I have got a chance to know more about varied communities, relationships and multitude of behavioral facets in times of need. It’s so strange that in some of the societies, people apathetically condemn the girl for falling prey to a rapist, however there are still some benevolent societies who treat the victim as daughter of the village and fight for her justice.

    Recently, I was impressed to have come across a village of compassionate folks, where a 3-year-old rape victim was adopted as village’s daughter. All the villagers joined hands to seek justice for the girl, who was brutally raped by a 40-year-old. Their support looked like a silver lining in a society where “Trust” is limited to a mere term in dictionary.

     This happened in Wazirabad Village of Gurgaon where the entire village got together to lodge police complaint against the culprit. As a result, he was arrested soon after the incident and a case under section 376 of Indian Penal Code was registered against him.

    Within a day of occurrence of crime, #KDSinghFoundation’s team visited the village, and found the entire village reeling in pain. Victim’s mother, as one would expect, was furious and was crying for justice. Without any delay, the foundation arranged for one of the best lawyers in town . The Foundation team also reached out to Gurgaon city’s police commissioner  and met the villagers to offer solace and help of any kind. To offer further help in a bid to rehabilitate the victim,#KDSinghFoundation’s team also promised to sponsor the girl’s education till she reaches the age of 18.

      I admit that in this case too, a 40-year-old for his own barbaric lechery ruined an innocent life but the community support has opened a Door of Hope, a Hope of Change, a Change of Reform, a Reform of Societal Regeneration. #KDSinghFoundation acknowledges and honors such gestures of humanity.

        K D Singh Foundation will comprehensively support Wazirabad Family in their fight for JUSTICE for their daughter, OUR DAUGHTER . The benevolence of Wazirabad village makes me believe that there are people who are geared to combat the evils of society with a commendable intrepidity.

Jai Hind…


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