Where are we going wrong as a society?

This past week, I learnt of yet another horrific case of sexual assault on a teenager. A 16-year-old was raped and filmed when she went to borrow milk from her friends, who are also her neighbours. The girl would have never imagined that her friends would turn into her tormentors and leave her with scars that she will carry for a lifetime.  As a ray of hope,  the victim’s family approached #KDSinghFoundation, after reading about the foundation in the newspaper.  Since then, my team has been closely supporting the victim and her family.
 However, the incident has set me thinking as to what compels our youth to transgress relationships and violate social norms with impunity. These boys didn’t just assault the girl and rob her of her self-esteem; they made her even more vulnerable by threatening to share the video of them indulging in the condemnable act, on the YouTube.
The very thought that they could make a girl worse off than before makes me wonder: What kind of people would do something like that? Something is seriously wrong. It is time we as a society reset our moral compass and took steps to prevent such heinous crimes and to deter offenders.
#KDSinghFoundation is doing its best to support this girl and her family.  My team has been closely counseling the victim to bring her back to normalcy. The foundation has also promised comprehensive rehabilitation support for education and marriage.
This 16-year-old girl is just one of many girls and women who are sexually assaulted in our midst and the least the society at large can respond to a tragedy of this magnitude is by raising its voice against rape and violence against women. Maybe, we can, at the same time, introspect on the institution called family: Are we teaching our sons the right values? We have do’s and don’ts for our daughters but what about sons? What are we teaching them? Are we grooming them to be responsible adults because as we all will agree, Real Men do not Rape Women.

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