Friends, another weekend is here and I know you would be relaxing at home or catching up with friends but I thought I will quickly share my thoughts with you on the terrible tragedy that took place this morning in Afghanistan.


As some of you might have already watched on TV, terrorists, obviously on a suicide mission, blew themselves up in a car laden with explosives, near the Indian #consulate at #Jalalabad in #Afghanistan.


According to news reports, at least 12 people – all Afghan nationals – were killed in the attack and 24 others injured. If that was not bad news enough, we are told that the dead included eight children. How unfortunate is that?????? Imagine, how would you feel, if someone dear to you had been killed in this manner?????


I strongly condemn this attack and condole the loss of human lives, a majority of them innocent children, who, I am told, were killed while they were attending religious classes at a mosque close to the scene of the terrorist attack. My thoughts and prayers are with the bereaved families. My team at #KDSinghFoundation joins me in conveying our sympathies to them.


The news reports indicate that all Indian personnel in the consulate are safe. And, there is no major damage to the consulate building. Even then, this is a tragedy of enormous proportions. Mind you, this is not the first time that terrorists have targeted India or Indians in Afghanistan; there have been many instances in the recent past when several precious lives have been lost in similar terrorist attacks. You would recall that suicide attacks on two guesthouses in 2010 killed 16 people, including seven Indians. Earlier, in 2008, a car bomb attack on the Indian embassy in the Afghan capital Kabul killed over 60 people.


I pray, and hope, for peace.


Jai Hind !!!!!!


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