Friends, it is with profound grief that I write tonight to condemn the killings of the five Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir. There can be no greater sacrifice than to lay down your life for your country … I salute them … they will forever be remembered for their ultimate sacrifice and valour. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of these brave men.




May I add that I am just as agitated, shocked and outraged as you are at the killings of our valiant soldiers. There was righteous anger in Parliament over these unfortunate killings … the nation rose in one voice to condemn the dastardly attack by forces inimical to India’s interests. I strongly believe that now is NOT the time to politicise these killings; now is NOT the time for acrimony; now is NOT the time for narrow partisan considerations ….




NOW is the time to stand united and be counted !!!!!!!!! NOW is the time to put aside our differences and speak in one voice against the killings!!!!!!!! And NOW is the time to take pride in our soldiers – the serving and the fallen!!!!!!!!!




This morning’s incident comes only days after a similar audacious attempt to attack the Indian consulate at Jalalabad in Afghanistan, in which several innocent Afghan children were killed and scores of others injured. Also, imagine, our soldiers are killed barely a few weeks before the leaders of India and Pakistan are expected to meet in New York on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly. You would recall that the India – Pakistan peace process was put on hold following the beheading of an Indian soldier and mutilation of another soldier’s body following the January 8 attack by Pakistani troops in the Poonch sector.




How should we, as a nation, respond to such grave provocation???????? Is it time we revisited the idea of an uninterrupted and uninterruptible dialogue with Pakistan???????? Do we run the risk of being labelled a ‘soft state’ if such provocations go unchallenged??????? Should the government rethink on the proposed meeting between the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan???????? Don’t you think the government should clarify as to what action has been taken to combat such incidents close to the line of control?????????? Don’t you think the killing of our brave soldiers is an attack on every patriotic indian ?????????




There are no easy answers but I believe that we, as a nation, need to introspect and forge a national consensus on such matters.




I look forward to your views and comments on the series of unprovoked attacks on Indians and Indian interests in general and the latest killings of our soldiers, in particular.




Jai Hind !!!


  1. Shabnam says:

    I fully resonate with your views Sir !! I think its time to reply “50 against 5” …. this act must be taken to its full justice…. its time that Government should show some Spine instead of keeping “Maun: over it…..

  2. KD Singh says:

    Shabnam, I am just as agitated at the killings of our brave soldiers as you are. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the soldiers.

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