Friends, I am deeply hurt and saddened by the plight of farmers in Haryana who have run into so much debt that they have written to the Prime Minister seeking permission to allow them to sell off their organs!!!!!!! It should never happen to any one, let alone farmers.


This group of farmers I am talking about, recently held a rally to highlight their plight. Unable to repay their bank loans, these farmers say they are left with no option but to sell off their organs to the highest bidder. And, they handed over a petition to the Tehsildar for forwarding it to the Prime Minister. At the rally some of the farmers displayed placards listing the price at which they would sell a particular organ of their body!!!!!!!!!


To quote from a news report, a farmer said: ‘At least, selling our organs would enable us to repay the debt and live for a few years more and feed our families’.


It is a human tragedy of epic proportions!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine their plight if circumstances have forced them to consider selling off their organs!!!


Agriculture is the mainstay of Haryana’s economy. But, the situation has deteriorated so much so quickly that, according to some estimates, farmers’ suicides is on the rise in Haryana. If you ask the farmers, they will tell you that agriculture is no longer a profitable occupation. A part of the reason, as I understand it, is that the minimum support price fixed by the government is not adequate. IS IT NOT TIME THAT THE GOVERNMENT ADDRESSED THIS ISSUE ON A WAR FOOTING????????


I can imagine what must be going through the minds of these farmers and their families. Banks would be constantly on your case, asking you to repay their loans. Government assistance is not forthcoming. The farmers own land but they cannot sell it because what will they do without it?????????? So, the next best option, under the circumstances, is to sell of one’s organs!!!!!!!!….How tragic is this!!!


Friends, what do YOU think needs to be done to save these farmers? Write to me, let me know how you feel about it, so I can take it up in Parliament and other appropriate fora. Because this situation cannot be allowed to continue at any cost … and things need to change.


Jai Hind !!!!!!!


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