EID MUBARAK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear friends, Eid Mubarak to you all!!!! I wish you and your families a blessed, wonderful and happy Eid. Also, I hope and pray that all your dreams and aspirations are fulfilled and that you enjoy happiness, success and prosperity and good health all year round!!!!!!

A special Eid greetings to all the families that my team at the #KDSinghFoundation has been in touch with over the past several weeks now. Since my Foundation is supporting these families, it is critical that during moments of joy and sorrow we must reflect our care towards them. Therefore, on the festive occasion of Eid, I had instructed my team to reach out to the families of all the rape survivors who have been adopted by the #KDSinghFoundation and greet them with tokens of our affection and goodwill. My team informs me that all the families were happy to receive Festive Greetings.

On the occasion of Eid, I hope we will rededicate ourselves to supporting our fellow citizens and work for the common good of all, be it young or old, men or women, rich or poor. May nobody go without food, water or shelter … may nobody have to go without education or employment … and above all may everybody have unlimited happiness and good fortune in their lives!!!!!!

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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