Friends, I am deeply disappointed to learn about the pathetic condition of schools in #Haryana … about how unregulated they have become and how education has been reduced to a money-making exercise. I made enquiries and I found out that private schools had so mushroomed in the state that a majority of them were operating without proper registration or affiliation!!!!!! I came across several instances of UNREGISTERED and UNAFFILIATED schools being run by unscrupulous persons or groups for whom it is another means of minting money … but imagine the enormous harm they are causing to unsuspecting students and parents!!!!!
Little do these innocent students or their parents know that the private school in their neighbourhood does not have the permission to enrol students, let alone charge exorbitant fees in the name of private school education. Such is the indiscriminate proliferation of unregistered schools in #Haryana that nobody knows for sure which is a registered and duly accredited school and which is not!!! If recent reports in the media are anything to go by, in Karnal alone there are over 140 schools that are neither registered with the #Haryana state education department not accredited to any education Board!!!!!! This is a sorry state of affairs indeed!!!!!! And, worse still, there could be hundreds of more such schools throughout Haryana.
It is high time the government set its house in order and took suitable action against the errant school owners or managements. The least the government can and should do is to ensure that all schools in the state adhere to the minimum standards prescribed under the rules and guidelines of the education department. Anything less than that should not be acceptable!!!!!!
It is nobody’s case that private schools should be closed down but it is equally important that their growth be regulated in a manner that allows for proper education of children as per the existing guidelines. Having said that, education is far important an issue to be left alone for the government to administer. You and I need to involve ourselves for keeping a check on such unscrupulous schools … parents and guardians must find out for themselves whether the school their children go to is registered and properly accredited … after all, it is a question of YOUR children’s education!!!!!!!!
I have already instructed my team at the #KDSinghFoundation to draw up a plan of action. WATCH THIS SPACE… I WILL BE BACK SOON, in a matter of days not weeks, with a concrete project that will help further the cause of education and development in the state … I STAND FOR CHANGE AND I WILL BRING YOU CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. This is one awesome post.Really thank you! Will read on…

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