Friends, another horrific incident of #rape  has been reported from Karnal in Haryana. I don’t want to sound alarmist but rapes and molestations are happening too frequently for anybody’s comfort. It is simply unacceptable!!!!!!!!!! If the government cannot ensure law and order or security of women, it must quit!!!!!!!! Such a government has no right to continue in office for another day!!!!!!!!! Already, Haryana in general and Gurgaon in particular has earned the dubious distinction of accounting for the maximum number of complaints from women on the Haryana women’s helpline number 1091.

Imagine, a young girl consumes poison after she is allegedly gang-raped. Her mother consumes poison, too, and is now battling for her life in hospital. An entire family has been destroyed!!!!! I have asked my team at the #KDSinghFoundation to gather details of the incident and to find out how best it can support the victim’s family. If preliminary reports are anything to go by, the girl, who is barely 16 years old, was raped over the past weekend by two youths said to be in their 20s. The traumatised girl and the mother consumed pesticide. While the girl was declared brought dead at the government hospital, her mother is reported to be in a critical condition at a private hospital in Karnal.

I urge the police authorities to arrest the accused and bring them to account. Any delay on their part will only hurt the cause of justice.

Friends, I can assure you that my team at the #KDSinghFoundation is doing everything it can to support the families of #rape victims in Haryana. Already, my team has adopted about 70  #rape victims and it is providing them with legal, financial and medical assistance. I have instructed my team to reach out to more such families so that no rape survivor feels helpless.

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!


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