Friends, you would recall my most recent blog post about the unchecked growth of private schools in #Haryana … schools, which are either unregistered or unaccredited or both!!!! Today I want to highlight an even more unfortunate issue of the unavailability of textbooks in primary schools in the state.

Imagine the plight of students who have to go without the textbooks prescribed in their syllabus!!!! It is not as if the new academic session started yesterday or the day before or a month ago or even two months ago … schools reopened in April, and four months is a long enough period of time by any stretch of imagination for making the textbooks available. So who is responsible for this mess???????? And why should students have to pay for this lapse????????……Is  it not the authorities who are responsible for this??????

In a knee-jerk reaction, the authorities concerned have cancelled the contract signed with a Mumbai-based company for publishing the textbooks under the Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA). The Haryana education department officials would have you believe that alternative arrangements have been made in order to curtail the students’ losses….but is it enough????????? Does it in any way compensate the students??????

Picture this: By the department’s own admission, there are an estimated 15 lakh students in Haryana studying in classes 1 to 8 who do not have the prescribed textbooks yet. If this isn’t a classic case of ad-hocism, what is??????? Will somebody in the Haryana government please stand up and tell the anxious students, parents and teachers alike, why this delay and what is being done to rectify  the situation?????????????

Please write in with your comments. It will help me better understand the issues that bother you, agitate you … and, as always, I promise
to speak for you, and most importantly bring out solutions to address the problems and challenges faced by all of you, my extended family. I reiterate, what I wrote in my blog last evening…that I WILL BE BACK SOON, in a matter of days not weeks, with a concrete project that will help further the cause of education and development in the state … I STAND FOR CHANGE AND I WILL BRING YOU CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jai Hind!!!!!!


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