Friends, I wish you and your families a very Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!! It is a momentous occasion in the history of our great nation, so let us celebrate the occasion … savour the moment … The spirit of Independence strengthens democracy and enables it to

Before I write any further, I wish to offer tribute to our soldiers who sacrifice their lives for our nation, sometimes in the hills protecting our borders, and sometimes in water protecting our shores. Their sacrifice for our motherland is unmatched…….I salute their spirit of sacrifice.

I strongly believe that Independence is to be cherished … protected… and preserved. Not underestimated or bartered away for any price,
however high. Independence is incomplete without equity and equality.    I am certain, one day,  we will get there; build a nation embodied in inclusive growth. I have made a beginning in this direction with the launch of the #KDSinghFoundation … my team has taken up compelling issues such as crime against women on a war-footing … it has reached out to the rape victims in Haryana and undertaken sensitisation and counselling programmes for them and their families. More development-oriented projects are on the anvil, about which I will share details soon.

Friends, a special thanks to each and every one of you for having faith in me and supporting me all the way. Without you, my journey could not have been this fulfilling .. meaningful … and productive. It has been, and will be, my constant endeavour to surpass your expectations; my team at the #KDSinghFoundation will always work towards building the nation of our dreams. Here, I would like to remember and thank everyone who has come to be a part of what I call the extended family of the #KDSinghFoundation. You have touched my life in countless ways. In particular, I would like to extend my greetings to all the rape victims from Haryana and their families who have been
comprehensively supported by #KDSinghFoundation and who are getting all possible help from my team. I hope my team at the Foundation can live up to our promise and bring about positive change that you want to see around you and make substantial steps towards building the nation of our dreams. I STAND FOR CHANGE AND I WILL BRING YOU CHANGE!!!!!!!

May our great nation prosper!!!!! Once again, I wish you and your families a very Happy Independence Day!!!!!!

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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