Monsoon, Downpour and Promises Ring Hollow!!!!

Friends, governments you elected to power made tall promises but all it takes is a heavy downpour for them to ring hollow!!!!! Take, for instance, the waterlogged and pot-holed roads that you and I are so familiar with: Go anywhere in Delhi or Gurgaon today, and you will find them everywhere. This is the reality the people have to contend with on a daily basis, particularly during monsoon. Governments, be it at the Centre or in the states, earmark hundreds of crores of Rupees, year after year, so that the road you drive on to reach your office is in a good condition … the road your child takes to go to school is safe … and the road in your neighbourhood is well lit up at night. Yet, what do we see? Broken roads … potholes … water logging …overflowing drains!!!!!!!! Whatever happened to the crores of Rupees spent on the upkeep of roads????? And who is responsible for this mess????? The government will tell you it is the responsibility of the municipal agencies … the municipalities, in turn, will pass the buck on to the contractors … BUT THE BUCK HAS TO STOP SOMEWHERE, AND WITH SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why haven’t we built roads that can survive rains??? Why can’t we build more roads using appropriate material (like, for example, the Delhi-Gurgaon expressway) instead of inferior substandard roads????? Sometimes I wonder how can we, as a nation, aspire to become a global superpower when we cannot provide the basic infrastructure to the COMMON MAN?????

A related issue is that of road safety. Every year, hundreds of people die in road accidents in Haryana. If the roads managed by the Haryana government are bad, the national highways running through Haryana are no better. Did you know that 430 people have lost their lives on the 18-km portion of the expressway in Gurgaon since it was inaugurated in January 2008 and many more on other roads across Haryana???????

All this only goes to prove that someone, somewhere in the Haryana government is not doing their job; either at the political, bureaucratic or the municipal level. A solution, as I see it, is for the government to become alert and responsive to the concerns of the people but that can happen only when the LEADERSHIP is strong and it has its finger on the pulse of the people.

Friends, I devote my blog for writing about issues that directly affect YOU … issues that affect YOUR life. In my previous blogs, I have taken up issues such as crimes against women, education, farmers’ plight, youth, etc. At the same time, I want this to become a forum for YOU to share YOUR thoughts, too. So, please keep your comments coming in.

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!


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