The Rape of Our Collective Conscience!!!!!

“15-year-old girl gang-raped in Haryana”, screams the headline of a leading news paper. 

“Three-year-old girl raped at Faridabad playschool”, reads another headline.

Friends, it is no exaggeration that the law and order situation in #Haryana is deteriorating, and deteriorating fast. There is no end to crimes against women … #rape, molestation and other equally heinous acts of sexual violence against women and children have become so commonplace in the state that it has put us to shame … even one incident of rape is one too many … I see the growing incidents of rape as an assault on our collective conscience!!!!! If you ask me, there should be zero tolerance for rapes … or, for that matter, any and all forms of sexual violence against women and children.

Imagine the plight of the minor girl who was allegedly gang-raped by two youths in a village near #Rewari. The incident took place on 14 August when the girl was on her way to a private school in the village. The accused are still at large.

The three-year-old girl in question was allegedly raped at her playschool in #Faridabad. Disgusting!!!!!!! Police registered a formal complaint after a group of parents staged protests outside the school. The police rounded up a suspect but both the suspect and the school administration have denied that any such incident had taken place. I hope the accused is tried for rape and justice is done to the innocent girl.

Also, in one of my recent blogs I had drawn your attention to a young girl in #Karnal who consumed poison after she was allegedly gang-raped. The girl was brought dead to hospital. Shocked beyond belief, her mother consumed poison, too.

It took a spontaneous, mass movement to draw the nation’s attention to the gang-rape of a girl in Delhi in December last year. Since then, many cases of rape have been reported from Haryana, Delhi and elsewhere. The alarming regularity with which such crimes are reported bothers me … as a parent … as someone who is in public life … and also at a deeply human level. Many may argue, that one can WAIT for the situation to improve … can WAIT for people to raise their voice …  can WAIT for the government to act … can WAIT for change … BUT I DON”T WANT TO WAIT!!!! As I have said before, I STAND FOR CHANGE … CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN. And that is exactly what my team at the #KDSinghFoundation is engaged in today. My team is already on the job to make CHANGE A REALITY. It is providing help and support to as many as 73 rape survivors in Haryana. More such outreach activities are planned about which I will keep you posted.

The rape survivors deserve all our empathy, help, support and love. And my team at the #KDSinghFoundation is doing just that….Our Commitment is Our Inspiration…

Jai Hind!!!!!!


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