All is not lost….!!!

Friends, the death of a girl in #Yamunanagar is the latest in a series of unfortunate incidents reported from across Haryana. Not a single day passes without a case of rape or molestation or harassment coming to light. It is a sad reflection of the law and order situation in the state but is anyone listening?????? Does anyone care?????? The government is so busy defending itself from public criticism over a spate of scams that it does not seem to care about the lawlessness prevailing in the state.

Women in Haryana and beyond need to feel safe and secure, and not have to worry about being subjected to violence of one kind or another. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. The need of the hour is a leadership that delivers …. a leadership that can make a difference … and make your dreams and aspirations the topmost priority!!!!

I believe in leading by example … and my team at the #KDSinghFoundation has shown that all it takes is a committed group of individuals, united in a mission to empower the women … to stand up and speak out against crimes against women …. My team has shown that CHANGE is within your reach … CHANGE CAN BECOME A REALITY!!!!

There is hope still … a good example of it is the tractor driver who saved a girl’s life in #Yamunanagar. As I wrote in my most recent blog, he saved this girl from drowning after she and her sister jumped into a canal. Unfortunately for her sister, she was washed away and her body has not been found yet. It is alleged that the sisters were being harassed, which forced them to take drastic action.

May there be more like this tractor driver!!!!! As long as there are people like him, there is always hope for a better future and for a society where women are given due respect and equal opportunities … where women’s empowerment is practised and not just preached!!!!!!! 

Jai Hind!!!!!!



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