Why is Haryana lagging behind in Aadhaar Enrollment?

Friends, it is a very sorry state of affairs indeed when #Haryana lags behind other states in #Aadhaar enrollment. Is it because of administrative lethargy, bad governance, lack of political will or a combination of all three?! Whatever the causes may be, Haryana can do without the dubious distinction of being called a laggard!!!!!!!

So far only 57% of the population has been covered under the Aadhaar scheme. Compare this with 95% in Himachal Pradesh and 83% in Punjab. What it means is that in this region, Haryana has the least satisfactory performance insofar as Aadhaar enrollment is concerned. Nine districts in the state have less than 50 per cent enrollment. The worst-performing region is Mewat district, where only 12.6 per cent of the people have been enrolled. Mahendragarh and Sirsa have the lowest coverage in Haryana at 35% and 32%, respectively.

This is symptomatic of the complacency that has crept into governance. The government is reeling under multiple crises … land scams … poor law and order … increase in crimes against women … shortage of textbooks in schools … lack of proper infrastructure … the list is endless!!!!!! In the midst of an unending series of scams and scandals, it seems that the Common Man has conveniently been forgotten!!!!!!!!! More so because the Aadhaar scheme specifically targets the marginalised sections of society for whom the Aadhaar card would not only provide identity but equity, too. For them, the card holds out the promise of a better delivery of services … and elimination of leakages in subsidies and poverty alleviation programs.

What is even more apparent is the general lack of direction from the political leadership. Now we are told the government will come up with alternative measures to boost Aadhaar enrollment in the state. It claims that the Registrar will collaborate with “non-state registrars” in about 12 districts of the state to bring more people under the ambit of the scheme. Some of these 12 districts have enrollment figures of as low as 12%!!!!!! The best performance from among these 12 districts is a meagre 49 per cent!!!!! The officials also claim that more such strategies would be employed to boost Aadhaar enrollment across the state but the question is what was the government doing till now???????

Such indifference cannot be tolerated. We deserve better.

Jai Hind!!!!!!!!!!!!


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