Stand up to the stigma of rape

Rape VictimsRape survivor should not be made to feel guilty


Friends, on my journey towards a #RapeFreeNation I have come across many terrible cases which point towards the falling moral standards of our time. Every incident of rape brings into question the sanctity of a woman in a man’s life. The notion of rape is especially stigmatising in cultures with strong customs and taboos. It is a shame for all of us that we are unable to provide a secure environment for women in general and for the rape survivor in particular to share their pain or trauma.

Many such testimonies are available with my team at the #KDSinghFoundation. There are numerous instances of minors and women narrating their horrendous experiences that you and I can’t even think of. Recently, I came across a case about a girl in Rohtak who was molested and almost forced into prostitution. There were two more shocking cases from Rohtak: One of a minor being raped by two boys in the neighbourhood and later being offered money in return for not reporting the incident to the police; and another of a woman who was abandoned by her husband and her own parents.

In the case of one rape survivor from Hissar – a minor – her father was tricked into a compromise by the villagers who made him affix his thumb impression on certain documents. My team at the #KDSinghFoundation sprang into action the moment they were alerted about those rape survivors and all possible assistance, including legal support, was made available to them.

It is really saddening to know that while the governments at the Centre and in the state of Haryana pledge to ensure the safety of women, the Centre has not spent even a single Rupee on women-oriented schemes, including for the rehabilitation of the rape survivors, in the last four-odd years. This, in spite of the availability of funds!!!!!! (CAG Report, 2013)

Friends, there can be no greater personal satisfaction for anyone than being able to help a rape survivor or an unemployed youth or for that matter a person in need. So it was heartening when my team told me how a rape survivor in Hissar was thrilled that they met her and greeted her on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Ostracised by her own family and the society, this rape survivor was left to fend for herself until my team at the #KDSinghFoundation made contact with her.

I am narrating these incidents only because I believe in the power of CHANGE … POSITIVE CHANGE. I have faith in my team at the  #KDSinghFoundation … in YOU … and the causes I have dedicated my life to. The day is not far when my team’s campaign for a #RapeFreeNation will become a countrywide, mass movement for CHANGE.

In closing may I assure you again that my team at the #KDSinghFoundation is working 24×7 to make CHANGE A REALITY … CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN!!!!! The #KDSinghFoundation has started the #ReportARape campaign for which its toll-free help line number 1800-200-2056 is open round the clock. I am confident that my team’s dream of a #RapeFreeNation will surely come true.


Jai Hind.


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