#KDSinghFoundation leads by example. #ReportARape at toll-free help line number 1800-200-2056

Friends, I had tweeted on 26 August about the Supreme Court observations on #rape. It is instructive to recap what it had to say while hearing a petition filed by the father of #Haryana girl who was gangraped in 2012 and whose mother was killed for not withdrawing the complaint. The apex court said that the increasing incidents of rape would suggest that the situation was ‘going from bad to worse’!!! It posed the following questions: ‘What is wrong with the system? Why are 90 per cent of the cases ending in acquittals…? Why is #rape happening again & again? That too, more so in metropolitan cities’??? It went on to direct the state governments for the relief and rehabilitation of rape survivors, adding that the relief and rehabilitation must take care of the education of the rape survivors and their accommodation; and compensation and protection of survivors and witnesses.

On 27 August, the Supreme Court heard the case of a man who was sentenced to 10 years for a gangrape in #Haryana. He subsequently married the gangrape survivor and has children from her. It was pleaded before the court that the convict should therefore be released early from prison. The court said that compromise between rape survivor and rape convict, offer of marriage to rape survivor or the survivor forgiving the accused for the crime, cannot be a ground to reduce sentence of imprisonment. Also, noting the tendency amongst trial courts to permit such compromises, the court observed: ‘Don’t be soft on rapists’Compromise, it said, can’t be believed because there is every chance that the convict may have put pressure on the rape survivor.

Friends, these observations could not have come a day too soon. It is time we, as a nation, asked ourselves some tough questions. Is rape simply a law and order problem or are there underlying social causes behind it, too?????? Should not swift justice be an essential prerequisite for combating rape????? Are we doing enough for the relief and rehabilitation of rape survivors??????????? Can we, as a society, stop just talking about rape and start acting against it, too?????

I believe in leading by example. And I believe in walking the talk. My team at the #KDSinghFoundation is making a difference on the ground by reaching out to the rape survivors and providing them legal and medical support, and rehabilitation. I am committed to working towards a #RapeFreeNation. My Foundation runs a Support Cell for Rape Victims in #Haryana and beyond and a toll-free #ReportARape help line number 1800-200-2056.

I stand for change. And I will bring you change!!!

Jai Hind!!!

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