#KDSinghFoundation adopts 86 #rape survivors in #Haryana

#ReportARape at #KDSinghFoundations’s 24×7 toll-free help line number in Haryana: 1800-200-2056

Friends, you will be delighted to learn that my #KDSinghFoundation’s social welfare initiatives such as #RapeFreeNation and #YouthEducation were feted at the Asian Brand & Leadership Summit 2013 last week in Dubai. My dream of a better, brighter India and my team’s outreach activities came in for much appreciation from the gala audience. People are at the centre of my Foundation’s activities and I take this opportunity to thank you all for your constant support and encouragement to my team.

It is heartening to note that so far my Foundation has adopted 86 rape survivors in #Haryana, to begin with. They are being provided with legal and medical support; and rehabilitation. My Foundation’s toll-free help line in Haryana 1800-200-2056 is open 24×7 for the benefit of rape survivors and their families. I encourage more people to #ReportARape at this help line number. It is my endeavour to ensure that no rape survivor feels helpless or goes without help and support.

I can assure you that my Foundation’s outreach activities would not be limited to #Haryana … it is expanding to include more states. When I look back today, I realise just how difficult it was to reach out to a rape survivor … hopefully, the situation will improve as we reach out to more rape survivors and empower them. Rape … female infanticide … gender discrimination … violence against women … other forms of abuse … are a mere fraction of the problems facing women in the state and beyond. It only goes to show that we have no time to lose … there are a whole host of issues waiting to be taken up on a war-footing for a better India. 

My team at the #KDSinghFoundation and I came across several new cases of rape survivors. There are two cases — one each from #Rewari and #Mahendragarh – where the women were exploited on the promise of marriage and raped. As soon as my team came to know about their cases, they ensured that legal help was available to them.

More shocking was the rape of a four-year-old in #Mahendragarh. When my team caught up with her family, they were told that the family was being forced to ‘compromise’. My team provided the family with a lawyer and assured them of supporting the girl’s education. The case is being fought in the courts.

Another equally heartrending case was that of a minor who was gang-raped. Compounding the woes of this rape survivor’s family was that the village chose to ostracise them. My team has taken up her case to ensure that justice is done.

In another case from #Mahendragarh, a 22-year-old physically challenged, hearing- and speech-impaired girl was raped by a neighbour. As soon as my team was alerted, they met the father of the survivor and contracted a lawyer.

Friends, I am of the firm belief that with faith and dedication there will come a day when you will see POSITIVE CHANGE around you.

Jai Hind

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