Stop Talking and Start Acting!!!

Members of the ruling party in #Haryana need to think beyond their personal ambitions and act in the public good.

Friends, the strongest indication yet that the party you elected to power in #Haryana does not care beyond its immediate interests, came last week when the media was full of news about certain quarreling #Dalit leaders. I have been saying all along that they do not care much for the public good, or the public itself!!! Last week’s developments have proved me right once again!!!!

At a time when crimes against women are on the rise in the state … economy is not looking up … unemployment is rearing its head, all that these so-called leaders of the ruling party could think of was how to outwit their rivals and further their respective political ambitions!!!! The thought of addressing the issues of direct concern to YOU, some of which I have listed above, just did not occur to them. Ironically, even the cases of atrocities against Dalits or the alleged rape of Dalit women – although I detest such a categorisation, for I believe every rape is gruesome and therefore condemnable, irrespective of the survivor’s background – could not stir their conscience!!!!!!

According to the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there were 1,576 ‘Dalit’ rape cases reported in 2012 out of which 55 took place in #Haryana. Only 259 cases were decided, in which the accused were convicted.

It is shameful that the elected representatives belonging to the ruling party in #Haryana could waste time in discussing their personal agendas but did not spare a moment for the public, who are reeling under inflation; unemployment; spurt in crimes against women, including, but not limited to, rape; etc.

Does the media need to highlight a case of rape in order to get the elected representatives and ministers to do something about it????? Can’t they ever act on their own????? When will cases of Dalit atrocities be taken up on a war-footing and tackled with the urgency they require????

Friends, I realise the importance of providing timely help and support to the rape survivors because my team at the #KDSinghFoundation has adopted over 85 rape survivors in #Haryana. They are being provided with legal and medical support; and rehabilitation.

I encourage you to #ReportARape at my #KDSinghFoundation’s toll-free help line number in Haryana  1800-200-2056.

Jai Hind.


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