Women’s safety: #UPA Govt promised the moon, delivers precious little !

The ruling party in #Haryana does not fare any better

After the #DelhiGangRape of 16 December 2012, the finance minister in the #UPA Government at the Centre had announced the ‘Nirbhaya Fund’ for women’s safety. Status: Unknown.

The home minister, in turn, had proposed a single, toll-free help line number across India to help women in distress. Status:Unknown.

The telecommunications minister had spoken about a safety device in the form of a wristwatch that would enable its wearer to send out a distress signal along with her location at the push of a button. Status: Unknown.

The #UPA Government said it would ask the States to explore the possibility of creating a separate fleet of all-women Police Control Room (PCR) vans. Status: Unknown.

The facility of registering complaints online, without having to visit police stations. Status: Unknown.

Held desks for women in every police station. Status: Unknown.

Recruitment of women police personnel in order to improve the women men ratio in police forces. Status: Unknown.

More security on trains and fitting all public transport with Global Positioning System (GPS). Status: Unknown.

Special focus on gender sensitisation programmes in the training curriculum for police personnel. Status: Unknown.

That is not all. You would recall my blog about the #UPA Government’s colossal neglect of not spending even one Rupee in the last four-odd years for providing relief to (and rehabilitation of) rape victims and similar women-oriented schemes.

All of the #UPA Government’s grandiose plans for ensuring women’s safety have failed to take off. If anything, it only goes to show how indifferent the government has been! This is just one instance of the #UPA Government’s report card: There are so many other issues such as inflation, unemployment, poverty and corruption where the UPA Government has utterly failed to meet the expectations of the people.

#Delhi and #Haryana do not fare any better. Incidentally, both are ruled by the same party that is in power at the Centre, too. Recently, #Delhi reported rapes of four minors, all within a span of 48 hours. As for the law and order situation in #Haryana, the less said the better. Imagine the plight of the ordinary people in Haryana when police personnel themselves break the law as in the case of one policeman in #Karnal who used his service revolver to shoot at a doctor. Many cases of rape were reported from various parts of #Haryana but the government, it seems, does not think the situation warrants a sterner response. Even the Supreme Court, while hearing a case of a rape committed in #Haryana, has observed that the practice of encouraging a compromise between a rape survivor and her rapist, and in some cases forcing the rape survivor to marry her rapist, cannot and must not be condoned.

Surely, you deserve a better government than this !

Jai Hind.


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