Can radical measures prevent crimes against women?

A holistic, multi-pronged response needed to combat #rape

Friends, the alarming regularity with which rape cases are being reported from across the country has generated a heated debate. To deter rapists and habitual offenders, some people have suggested radical measures such as chemical castration; public execution a la Taliban; naming and shaming; death by injection; condemning a convict to the gas chamber; and stoning to death as in some Arab countries.

For instance, the mother of the deceased #DelhiGangRape victim had demanded that the accused persons be hanged to death. Others suggested that the accused should be stoned to death. (In Gwalior, a history-sheeter who allegedly kidnapped and raped a girl was recently stoned to death by residents of the locality.) Another case was reported from Bhopal where a rapist was doused in kerosene and set on fire by the victim and his brother!!!

Indeed, compelling arguments could be made for such drastic measures but are they practical?

I think they are more a reflection of the frustration and impatience of the people at the increasing incidents of rape. People have had enough and they want a CHANGE. NOW!

I believe the problem needs a holistic, multi-pronged response. We have to move forward on multiple fronts – social, legal, etc.

My team at the #KDSinghFoundation has taken the initiative to reach out to the rape survivors in Haryana, to begin with. So far, 90 rape survivors have received legal and medical support; and rehabilitation. “Comprehensive support” are the key words here. Going forward, my team will launch social welfare initiatives in the fields of health care; and youth education and counselling, too. I encourage more of you to #ReportARape at the #KDSinghFoundation’s 24×7 toll-free help line number 1800200-2056.

Jai Hind.


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