KD Singh Foundation helps Haryana rape survivor get swift justice.

Justice to rape survivorFast-track court delivers judgment in only five months, convicts and sentences rape accused to 10 years in prison.

Friends, you will be delighted to learn that KD Singh Foundation’s sustained efforts to bring justice to the rape survivors has achieved a key milestone with a fast-track court in Haryana convicting and sentencing an accused for raping a physically-challenged woman in a Gurgaon village. What is at once heartening, encouraging and satisfying is that the case was decided in only five months!!!

The exceptionally quick trial, conviction and sentencing in the case should be held aloft as an example of not only how justice is done but more importantly, seen to be done. As I write this, my thoughts are with the rape survivor who showed exceptional courage in the face of adversity. I hope the verdict would bring closure to her and her family.

The 33-year-old rape survivor, who is 70 per cent physically challenged, was raped on May 3 and an FIR lodged with the Kherki Daula police station in Gurgaon on May 13. Moved by her plight, I asked my team at the KD Singh Foundation to take up her case. They met her and her family on May 24 and engaged a lawyer on May 31 to pursue her case legally. After hearing all the arguments, on September 19 the court convicted the accused for rape under Sections 376 and 502 and on September 21 it sentenced the convict to 10 years in jail and also imposed a fine of Rs 31,000.

It is noteworthy that this case wouldn’t have ended in conviction if it wasn’t for the strong determination and courage of the rape survivor, the support of her family, the alertness of the police and the swiftness of our judicial system.

Friends, it is a matter of immense personal satisfaction to me that justice has been done to her. I hope and pray that, as the first step towards fully eliminating violence against women, rape survivors elsewhere get as quick a justice as her. Today when I look back, I realise just how difficult it was to reach out to the rape survivors, who felt hopeless, helpless and did not believe justice would ever be done to them. But as my team at the KD Singh Foundation has shown, it can be done!!! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE IF WE SET OUR MINDS TO IT!!! The swift trial, conviction and sentencing in this case should give hope to the other rape survivors whose cases would be at various stages of trial in courts across the country.

[you can view my official website kdsingh]

I take this opportunity to once again reiterate my commitment to growth with equity, social justice and development, with particular focus on women’s empowerment, youth, education & health care. I and my team at KD Singh Foundation are committed to working towards a #RapeFreeNation. I encourage more of you to #ReportARape at KD Singh Foundation’s 24×7 toll-free help line number 1800-200-2056.

Jai Hind!!!!

2 Responses to “KD Singh Foundation helps Haryana rape survivor get swift justice.”
  1. Aparna Singh says:

    Kudos to K D Singh Foundation 🙂



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