Every rape case needs to be treated with the same urgency as the #DelhiGangRape

Only then can justice be said to have been done.

Friends, as you are aware the fast-track court hearing the #DelhiGangRape case has sentenced four remaining accused to death for gang-rape and murder. In hindsight, the reasonably swift justice handed out in the #DelhiGangRape case was in no small measure due to the public outrage over the gang-rape and the protests that followed it.

I hope the #DelhiGangRape judgment and sentencing does not remain an exception but that similar cases pending in various fast-track courts elsewhere in the country also reach a quick and logical conclusion. Take the case of five-year-old ‘Gudiya’, a rape survivor from Delhi. It was only after media highlighted her plight that the government swung into action. Why did the law and order authorities not take action before? Who is responsible for the lapse? When will she get justice? The government needs to come out with the answers.

There is a related issue of treating rape survivors and rape cases with a human face. It will not be an exaggeration to say that only public pressure keeps the governments on their toes when it comes to issues such as crimes against women. As I said before, if widespread protests had not followed the #DelhiGangRape case then it could safely be said that the judgment and sentencing in the case may not have come in nine months! That is why I insist that every rape case ought to be treated with the same sense of urgency as the #DelhiGangRape case. Is it too much to ask for???? Also, prevention of crimes against women should become a top priority for governments everywhere.

Friends, women’s empowerment is an issue that is very close to my heart. I am doing all I can to offer comprehensive support to the rape survivors in Haryana, to begin with. I hope more of you will join me in my campaign for a #RapeFreeNation. As always, I encourage more of you to #ReportARape at my #KDSinghFoundation’s 24×7 toll-free help line 1800-200-2056.

Jai Hind


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