KD Singh Scholarships

KD SINGH Scholarship for women students at Panjab University, Chandigarh

About the Scholarship

The Scholarship is aimed towards woman applicants from less privileged backgrounds pursuing women studies, development studies or peace studies. The scholarship will cover the tuition fees of the recipients. The tenure of the scholarship shall be for the entire duration of the holder’s degree requirements.

The first round of scholarships will be provided for 2014-15 academic session. Applications will be invited from 1st March 2014. The scholarships will be awarded to 5 women students.


  1. Any woman student enrolled in or selected for graduation or post graduation at the Department cum Centre for Women’s Studies & Development or Department of Gandhian and Peace Studies can apply for the scholarship
  2. The Scholarships will be Need cum Merit based. Excellence in academics and co-curricular activities in the qualifying examination of University/Board, will be the selection criterion, provided they are able to demonstrate the need for the scholarship.
  3. The student should not be a recipient of any other University or Government Scholarship.
  4. The scholarship shall be awarded under the express understanding that the holder shall attend the Dept. /College as a regular student and pursue her studies industriously. If it appears at any time that the scholar has failed to make satisfactory progress or has been guilty of gross misconduct or has been irregular in attendance, the scholarship shall be withdrawn

To apply:

Send an application of not more than 750 words to kdsingh.scholarships@gmail.com. The application should mention name, date of birth, course applied for, Mobile number. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted on phone for further interview.

Terms and conditions apply. Subject to approval of Panjab University.


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